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Dial in your yardage like a Pro

The Caddie Tag


Reduce your strokes with the fastest, most cost-effective way to improve your game.

Record your yardage on the tag, take a look at it during your round and swing with more confidence and accuracy immediately!

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Never second-guess your club choice again

Say goodbye to guessing and relying on memory. With The Caddie Tag, you can effortlessly record and reference your yardage for every shot. Choose the perfect club confidently and watch your game improve instantly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do i know my yardage?

We recommend heading to the driving range and hitting 5-10 balls with each club. Record your numbers, remove any outlier shots and find the average. This is the number you should record on the tag.

What do i write on the tag with?

Any permanent marker works great!

What if my yardage changes?

Rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover will take off your previous numbers leaving space to write your updated yardage.

Customers Love Caddie Tag

Since using caddie tag, I've seen an improvement in my scores. It's definitely an easy way to lower scores.

Brian M.

Easy to use. Attached it to my golf bag and helped me choose which club to shoot. I use it on every hole.

Lindsay T.

I'm a higher handicapper and needed some guidance on which club to swing and the caddie tag provided just that.

Rob G.

Dial in your yardage like a pro

With The Caddie Tag, you can easily record and reference your yardage for every shot. No more guessing or relying on memory - choose the right club confidently and improve your game instantly.

Stop losing strokes unnecessarily

No more overshooting greens or finding yourself in hazards. The Caddie Tag empowers you to make smart decisions on the course, helping you avoid costly mistakes and improving your overall performance.

Tips and tricks for pinpoint accuracy

We go beyond just yardage. Our Caddie Tag includes expert tips and tricks to help you account for factors like wind, elevation, slopes, and more. Take your accuracy to the next level and leave no room for error.

Durable, portable, weatherproof

Designed with golfers in mind, our Caddie Tags are built to withstand all conditions. Made with tear-resistant materials, they will last round after round, ensuring you always have the information you need at your fingertips.

We believe everyone can reduce their scores with better club selection.

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